Must see in salento

Staying in our hotel will allow you to live a unique experiences throughout Salento.


Our territory has several fascinating itineraries to offer, between the natural beauties of Salento, reachable from our hotel facilities. These paths, which are completely immersed in nature,  allow you to admire the landscape heritage of Salento and to totally experience them. Every itinerary provides a unique experience. 

Trekking “La via del Ciolo”

This path, called La Via del Ciolo, will make you experience the sight of the clearest water, with exotic colors, and to explore the unpolluted flora of this area.

This itinerary is easy to go through, there is a dirt road that runs along rocky cliffs, gullies, little bridges and dry walls. 

La Via del Ciolo starts from Gagliano del Capo and during the itinerary it is possible to explore the coastal craves and the high cliffs overlooking the sea, and finally you will reach the most panoramic point of this area.

Via del Ciolo’s  natural extension is another trail, named Il Sentiero della Grotta Azzurra, a 500 metres path of beauty, where you can admire the innumerable shades of blue of Salento’s sea.

Trekking “Le vie del Sale”

This trail, known as Le vie del Sale di Corsano, is a little more complicated and unfolds in five different paths (Itinerario del Sale, Itinerario Torre Pecchia Grande – Cappella Santa Maura, Itinerario Rusia, Itinerario Mare, Itinerario Canale Rio), which is little known as incredibly fascinating.

Even now this area retains its landscapes particularities, including the ancient “tratturi”, that is to say bucolic paths characterized by typical dry walls that forward into the most characteristic nature of Salento, from the suburbs of Corsano to the sea. 

Le Vie del Sale gained their name from their ancient function: to lead the labourings, who collected salt from a specific tub – carved into the cliff –  to let the sea waters accumulate and later they carried it inland.

Trekking “La via degli arbusti”

This path, La via degli arbusti sempreverdi, which crosses the Otranto area, is also known as Orte-Palascia. 

This itinerary stands out because of its red soils and the enchanting local flora, but it is also interesting the presence of the  permanent biological observatory and a naturalistic museum, from where you  can enjoy an astonishing landscape.

At the end of the hike, there is another nature’s gift: an emerald green lake, formed from a bauxite quarry.

Where to see the sunrise and the sunset in Salento

The Salento area has breathtaking landscapes to offer, from where it is possible to experience evocative sunrises and sunsets, due to its geographical positioning. 

Land and sea encounter making an idyllic spectacle with unique colors.

Santa Maria di Leuca gives the magnificent possibility to admire both sunset and sunrise, thanks to its strategic positioning, because it is located at the extreme south of Italy.  Its colors, horizons and landscapes will make you dive completely into the beauty of Salento.

Otranto is the place where sunrise shines on Italy, and it is a popular spot from which to admire sunrise.  On New Year’s Eve is celebrated the Sunrise of Populations, now a tradition dating back to 1999, supplemented by a regatta between sailing boats, as a greeting to the first lights of the new year.

The sunset in Porto Cesareo transforms the sky in a palette of typical colors of the Salentine coasts, flaming colors such as yellow and red, which assume magical connotations, especially near Isola dei Conigli and Torre Lapillo. 

Here, it is possible to savor the aromas of the sea and of the sunset during a happy hour in the equipped beaches.

Lido Venere – equipped, beautiful and comfortable beach.

Lido Venere is a bathing establishment on the Ionian coast, which offers comfort and relaxation, clear sea, beautiful seabed and golden sand.

Lido Venere gives the possibility to enjoy the sea of Salento in the utmost tranquility, which is ensured by the countless services offered by the resort. 

Lido Venere is a place of peace and happy moments, where you can also taste the flavors of Salento, thanks to its seaside restaurant. 


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