Hotel in the middle of salento, near pescolouse

Hotel Volito is a stone’s throw from the beautiful beaches of Pescoluse and Ugento. Surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, it is steeped in the scents of aromatic herbs and fruit trees typical of this area.
A hotel full of all comforts, that offers an authentic experience of contact with nature thanks to its entirely sustainable constructions and the quiet and relaxing atmosphere in which it is located.


If you want to sleep near Ugento and its beaches without sacrificing silence and tranquility, Patù is the place you are looking for. The hinterland offers breathtaking views and scents: the red color of the earth, the expanses of olive trees, the trulli. A combination of natural and archaeological wonders, an area full of surprises. Patù is a real journey into Salento archaeology. The birth of the village dates back to 924 BC, at the hands of a group of fugitives from nearby Vereto, an ancient city destroyed by the Saracens. Known for the unique monument of medieval origin “Centopietre,” built with blocks from a Roman mausoleum, it also has ancient walls, burials and small temples.

volito hotel's Swimming pool

Guests of Volito Hotel, in addition to the experiences and numerous benefits, can enjoy a beautiful swimming pool located within the facility.

The pool is surrounded by a wooden platform, which recalls the rurality of the surrounding area.

Guests will have the impression that they are bathing in a small lake immersed in the Mediterranean bush, surrounded by the aromas and scents of fruit trees.

Volito is a Sustainable Hotel: we take care of the environment

Environmental sustainability is a very important issue for us. The greenery that surrounds our Hotel suggests it: there is no true well-being except in complete respect for Nature. Here are some sustainability aspects we pay close attention to:

  • There are fountains and taps inside the facility to fill water bottles
  • We carry out recycling collection and invite our clients to do the same
  • You will not find plastic cutlery, dishes and water bottles in the facility
  • We use drains and showers equipped with smart consumption systems
  • Lights are managed through motion sensors
    80% of the food served by the restaurant is k0
  • We use renewable energy sources to power Hotel Volito’s consumption
  • We rent bicycles to encourage carbon-free travel.

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